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Finding the Fun

Reflecting on the past year of game development (and related stuff), I learned a few hard lessons. Here is a breakdown and some additional rambling, which is hopefully of some use to you.  An approximate plot of my games to … Continue reading

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Fetching Palettes from Textures in Unity

I was making a thing, and I wanted to get a list of the hex values for the colors of an palette image I made so I could import into Paint.NET. So I made this thing that does it using … Continue reading

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Code Ambiguity in Unity

Edit: Revisiting this post a few years later, as a “seasoned Unity/C# programmer” (see below), and it seems it doesn’t really matter anymore. After a while, stock components/types and custom scripts all meld together as part of the flow of coding … Continue reading

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Working with dynamic materials/shaders in Unity

So I decided to test a standalone build of a Unity project I am working on and encountered a severe performance issue. I was getting about 15 frames per second, which made no sense at all. At first I thought … Continue reading

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Hello World – New Blog

Hello World…again. I’ve decided to host my blog on my site rather than tumblr. Not sure if I’ll actually post more stuff here than there, but who knows!

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