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Tanks (Prototype) - One Game a Month - January 2013

Tanks screen 1 Tanks screen 2

A multiplayer turn-based strategy game where you try to destroy your enemies and complete objectives along the way. Made in the spirit of Atari 2600's 'Combat', with some slower paced strategy elements found in Sim City or Civilization.

Release Notes:

My One Game a Month entry for January 2013. Just a prototype, really. I want to keep working on it and finish it properly in the coming months.

Download (v0.1 "Alpha"):

Version History:

0.1 "Alpha"

This is a first "alpha" prototype of my One Game a Month for January 2013. The game works, and is fully playable (and pretty fun) with 2 players, in "Versus Mode" only. The game starts right away, with no menus or options yet.Tanks are identical in range and stength, and no weapons have limited ammunition/rounds. The Insta-Kill and Self-Destruct weapons don't work yet.