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Fiscally Judicious

A game about making financial decisions while remaining ethical.

Release Notes:

You work for Mega Industries Inc., a consumer products company. You have been tasked with overseeing manufacturing overseas. You must build factories to make Mega Industries products. You will be challenged with local government intervention, factory breakdowns, workplace safety issues, and threats from the press. The goal is simple: Make as much money as possible.

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    This is my "Connected Worlds" Ludum Dare #30 48 hour compo entry.


    Version History:


    Included start of hints system to explain and call out important events the first time they occur

    When factory breaks down, workers now have random chance to be injured/sick rather than all of them always getting injured sick

    Added some polish to mouse over stuff so it's a bit better

    Changed wording and visuals of cash trend chart and change images

    Made healthy worker background green, and made yellow/red ones higher saturation so they are easier to see at a glance


    Original Ludum Dare 30 48 Hour Compo entry, as submitted.