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Cruisin': For Somethin' (Wizard Jam 2016 Entry)

Drive a taxi like a pro skateboarder

Release Notes:

Wizard Jam 2016 entry, named after the Idle Thumbs episode "Cruisin' for a word that rhymes with Cruisin'". You drive a taxi to collect letters to spell words that rhyme with Cruisin'. The city is filled with powerups, ramps, jumps, and collectables. Perform stunts and chill out in Just Cruisin' mode, or test your skills in Time Attack.

Xbox 360 Controller recommended

Download (Latest):

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Version History:


Wizard Jam Bug Fix Extravaganza


Wizard Jam "Slightly More Fun" Update


Hotfix #2


Hotfix #1:


Initial Wizard Jam upload

(Alpha 1)

Test build