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Commando (Prototype) - One Game a Month - February 2013

Commando screen 1 Commando screen 2 Commando screen 3

A single player run and gun arcade game where you play as a commando, conquering foes in your army jeep. Weapon and defense upgrades will help you defeat the enemy.

Release Notes:

My One Game a Month entry for February 2013. Just a prototype, and not very polished.

Download (v0.1 "Alpha"):

Version History:

v0.1 "Alpha"

This is a first "alpha" prototype of my One Game a Month for February 2013. The game works, but there's only one level. The mechanics are not polished, and ...yeah, it's a prototype. I am not super happy with it, but it's sort of shippable and this is as far as I want to take it at the moment.