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A Puzzling Composition - Ludum Dare #26 - One Game a Month - April 2013

APC screen 1 APC screen 2 APC screen 3 APC screen 4

A game of sonic minimalist puzzles and colors.

Release Notes:

My Ludum Dare #26 48 hour compo entry and One Game a Month entry for April 2013. Very polished, and I'm really proud of the result.

See timelapse of the compo here.

You can also check out my notepad pages here [ p1| p2| p3| p4| p5| p6]

Download (v1.1):

Version History:

1.0 "Gold"

This is the first and possibly last version of the game, at least in its current form.

1.1 Fixes based on LD48 player feedback