First Person Exploration Kit: Tags, Layers, Physics Interactions


First Person Exploration Kit relies on the following Tags, Layers, and Physics interactions to function correctly.

The only tag required is the standard Unity "Player" tag, which is built into your Unity project.

There are 5 unique layers required. They are:

FPEPutBackObjectsUsed to make put back location detection more efficient, and keep it from interfering with other Interactable objects and functionality.
FPEPickupObjectsReserved for Pickups (and by extension, all Pickup children like Inventory Items).
FPEPlayerThe layer the player is on.
FPEObjectExaminationUsed by the examination camera to draw examined objects last so they don't clip into other objects like walls.
FPEIgnoreReserved for colliders you want to physically impact the world, but not interfere with interactable objects. Similar to Unity IgnoreRaycast, but for Interactable items specifically.

Note: The order of physics layers matters. The index numbers shown in the image above need to match in your project in order for layer masks to remain intact. For example, the FPEInteractionManager prefab layer masks must look like this:

In combination with the custom Layers, there is some special Physics interactions that must be configured as follows: