First Person Exploration Kit: Graphics Overview

Graphics Guide

There are several sets of placeholder graphics and Photoshop templates provided with First Person Exploration Kit. There were created in order to allow for easy customization when creating your games style.

The following areas cover one or more graphics key to the UI of First Person Exploration Kit. If you wish to create your own custom graphics, please refer to the Photoshop templates included in the FirstPersonExplorationKit > Textures > Templates folder. The image types below can be assigned inside FPEInteractionManager to replace the default graphics in the prefab.

Graphical Element Breakdown

Note: The resolutions are a guideline only. You can make these different sizes if you wish.

Reticle(64x64)The center target "cursor" of the player's view. It is recommended that both an Inactive and Active version be used for a better experience.
Journal Cursor(64x64)This custom cursor is assigned and displayed when journals are opened. Hotspot defaults to top left pixel of texture.
Journal Background(800x450)The center static background image that appears under the Journal Pages.
Journal Buttons(64x64)There are three buttons. Previous Page, Next Page, and Close.
Journal Pages(773x1000)A portait orientation journal page layout. One required for each page of a journal.
Mouse Hint Icons(64x64)Two key images: Left Mouse Button and Right Mouse Button.

There are additional Photoshop templates provided for customizing other elements of the UI, such as the Game Menu, screen hints, etc.:

customGizmoIconsTemplateContains provided gizmos, can be extended for additional gizmo icons
gameIcon32A simple game icon template that was used to create the demo build icon
gamepadButtonTemplateContains raw gamepad button graphics, used to export existing gamepad icons for screen hints and controls screen
gamepadRightStickHintAnalog stick icon for XBox gamepad
inventoryItemImageTemplateUsed to export existing inventory item "Item Image" graphics. Can be used to ensure all inventory images have similar look and feel.
keyboardKeysMediumTemplateA 'medium' keyboard key for PC games using 'WASD' controls (medium size refers to keys like Ctrl, Alt, and Tab)
keyboardKeysTemplateA 'regular' keyboard key for PC games using 'WASD' controls (regular size refers to letter and number keys, F keys, etc.)
keyboardKeysWideTemplateA 'wide' keyboard key for PC games using 'WASD' controls (wide size refers to keys such as shift, return, etc.)
menuButtonTemplateUsed to export all 9-slice UI graphics used in the menus in the demo build.
menuControlHelpImageTemplateA complex template containing raw graphics used to export the controls screen as seen in the demo (on the wall) and in the systems tab of the game menu in the demo.
menuIconsTemplateContains icons for special items like audio diaries and notes.
menuTabsTemplateContains raw graphics used to export menu tabs as seen in the game menu in the demo.
mouseIconTemplateContains mouse button hint icons for on screen hints for mouse button presses, as seen in the demo.
progressSpinnerTemplateA generic "progress spinner" template for creating a rotating progress indicator, as seen in the demo.
switchTabButtonsTemplateContains raw graphics used to export the 'bumper to switch tab' icons as seen in the game menu of the demo.