First Person Exploration Kit: Getting Started

Demo Scenes

There are 3 demo scenes provided with the asset that show how you can create objects of every type in the asset. These demo scenes also provide a core game loop from Main Menu through the 2 demo levels and back. Please refer to these levels for ideas and details on how your prefabs and other functionality can best take advantage of the provided functionality.

Creating a Brand New Scene

Below are the simple steps required to go from a new Unity Scene to a playable interactable scene using First Person Exploration Kit:

  1. Create a new Unity Scene
  2. Delete the Main Camera
  3. Add some geometry such as a plane or cube for the player to walk on
  4. Add an instance of the FPECore prefab
  5. Run your scene
  6. To add interactions, place some of the provided demo prefabs such as the demoSoup or demoApple into your scene.
  7. Run your scene again, and walk over to the objects and interact with them.

You're ready to start creating your own interactions!

When you're ready to make a build, be sure to read the section on Making Your First Build.