First Person Exploration Kit: General Notes

Other Package Notes

Demo Assets

The following files are provided to demonstrate examples and as a base to create your own game. However, you can discard them if you don't need them.

Feel free to delete the above items as you see fit.

Note: The Resources folder contains 6 sounds. These are critical for the package to function correctly. However, you may modify or replace them so long as the filename is not changed.

Secondary Audio on Interact

 This feature will be deprecated in the future. Please use the new Interactable Events to play additional audio content 

All Interactable objects have a section in the Inspector with header "Optionally play a Secondary Sound on Interact". Under this heading, you can specify that the object's interaction trigger a secondary sound effect such as a narration or Audio Log like voice over. For most types, this occurs the first time you interact with the object. For example, when you pick up a "Pickup" type object.

When making your own custom complex Interactable objects (see demoToilet, and demoComplexRadio), you can opt-out of this behaviour altogether. However, the Inspector values will still appear as they are attached to the Interactable base class. To use this feature in your own custom scripts, just ensure that you make a call to base.interact() with the appropriate action (turning a knob, pressing a switch, breaking a window, etc.). If you don't know what any of this means, don't worry. It will "just work" if you ignore this feature entirely.

To add secondary audio to an object (for example, to narrate a Journal entry), set the following values in the inspector:

Note: If you do not set a "Sound To Play On Interact", all other values for Secondary Sounds are ignored and no sound is played.