First Person Exploration Kit: Creating an Attached Note

Attached Notes are a special type of Interactable because they are used to compliment other types through a passive interaction. For example, you might attach a note to a journal or a statue or other object that provides context and background about the object, or serves as a reminder of the object the player saw.

Attached Note

  1. Create any other Interactable type (e.g. Journal, Static, Pickup, etc.)
  2. Add FPEAttachedNote to your object, and set the following variables to suit your object:
  3. Below is an image showing the inspector of the example Journal object with a Note Attached.

  4. Run the scene, and interact with the Interactable with the attached note to collect the note.

When the note is retrieved, a text and sound notification will be presented at the bottom of the screen:

Notes are automatically included in saved game data. To read the note contents, open the Notes tab in the inventory screen and click on the title of interest:

You can attach a note to any type of Interactable object. But if you want a literal note in your game (e.g. a yellow sticky note) with a note as its only result, just make a Static type interactable and attach the FPEAttachedNote script to it.