First Person Exploration Kit: Add-Ons and Integration with Other Asset Packages

Table of Contents

Expanding First Person Exploration Kit

A number of Add-On packages have been created for various users of First Person Exploration Kit, and are available for use in your games free of charge. To see the growing list of available add-ons, please check out the FPEKitAddOns github page here:

So far the list includes:

Note: Each add-on will include a Requirements.txt file outlining the Unity version, First Person Exploration Kit version, and if applicable, other asset version(s) used in the creation of the add-on.

Integrating with Other Asset Packages

There are a number of Unity Assets available that will help make your game great. Some of those have complimentary overlaps with First Person Exploration Kit. As a result, you may want to integrate part of another Asset Package with First Person Exploration Kit.


An integration guide has been created for using UFPS v1.7.3 as the base player controller with First Person Exploration Kit.

Note: The fall 2018 "version 2" UFPS asset has not yet been tested with this integration package.

Download the UFPS v1.7.3 integration script and full integration instructions.

Other Assets

Note: Some other asset packages may not work "out of the box" with First Person Exploration Kit. But, if you have a specific integration in mind for your game, please send an email with details and we can see how the two packages may work together. Usually small modifications to either or both packages will yield a good result.